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Traditional dishes from the Tuscan kitchen of the 1950's
The traditional Tuscan food and wine made from classic local recipes: Homemade sautéed bread soaked in broth and Vin Santo (dessert "holy wine") with chicken liver. Homemade bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil or with local Casentino ham and Tuscan salami. And then you can taste classic Tuscan bread soup ribollita with raw onion or pappa tomatoes, or try one of various vegetable or legume soups. The dough is pulled by hand from pappardella pastry that is gloriously topped with duck or wild boar sauce. During hunting season, the table is adorned with macaroni with hare sauce. For those who prefer the chicken stock, there is nothing better than classic stracciatella soup or tortellini, rigorously made by hand. And what about Pici? ... Spaghetti, made of only flour and water in two classic variants: cheese and pepper, or garlic, or seasoned with a nice tasty sauce (from an original recipe of the chef Giovanna Bertini). There are rice dishes with seasonal vegetables, flavored with Grana Padano smoked cheese, that complete the choices for the first course. The second courses are a celebration of Tuscan regional traditions: Roasts in a wood stove outside in the yard. Duck, goose, rabbit, chicken, and ham are served on a bed of baked potatoes. Also served are mixed boiled meats with sauces, pickles and real mashed potatoes.

In «La Corte dell'Oca» everything is fried in a pan according to family tradition, while the barbecue and grills are outside in the middle of the courtyard. Fiorentina is at home here! The liver, tripe, sausage with baked beans, stews, wild boar stew and scottiglia (local meat dish) often do not leave enough room for desserts tiramisù, zuppa inglese or cantucci with vinsanto. Tuscany is the queen of the table so «La Corte dell'Oca» and its welcomed guests are grateful to her.
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