The setting of the Tavern is enclosed in wood you can feel and hear with chestnut beams and terracotta tiles
Traditional dishes from the Tuscan kitchen of the 1950's
The traditional Tuscan food and wine made from classic local recipes: Homemade sautéed bread soaked in broth and Vin Santo (dessert "holy wine") with chicken liver. Homemade bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil or with local Casentino ham and Tuscan salami. And then you can taste classic Tuscan bread soup ribollita with raw onion or pappa tomatoes, or try one of various vegetable or legume soups. The dough is pulled by hand from pappardella pastry that is gloriously topped with duck or wild boar sauce. During hunting season, the table is adorned with macaroni with hare sauce. For those who prefer the chicken stock, there is nothing better than classic stracciatella soup or tortellini, rigorously made by hand. And what about Pici? ... Spaghetti, made of only flour and water in two classic variants: cheese and pepper, or garlic, or seasoned with a nice tasty sauce (from an original recipe of the chef Michele Franco). There are rice dishes with seasonal vegetables, flavored with Grana Padano smoked cheese, that complete the choices for the first course. The second courses are a celebration of Tuscan regional traditions: Roasts in a wood stove outside in the yard. Duck, goose, rabbit, chicken, and ham are served on a bed of baked potatoes. Also served are mixed boiled meats with sauces, pickles and real mashed potatoes. In «La Corte dell'Oca» everything is fried in a pan according to family tradition, while the barbecue and grills are outside in the middle of the courtyard.

Fiorentina is at home here!
The liver, tripe, sausage with baked beans, stews, wild boar stew and scottiglia (local meat dish) often do not leave enough room for desserts tiramisù, zuppa inglese or cantucci with vinsanto. Tuscany is the queen of the table so «La Corte dell'Oca» and its welcomed guests are grateful to her.
We are «La Corte dell'Oca»
Franco Donati
It is Franco Donati who wrote the history of «La Corte dell'Oca». While recalling the early years of his youth in the 1950's, Donati discovered something tremendous in the collective memory of the people: the cuisine and customs of the time, which helped Franco create an authentic homage in the Court. Vespa of 1951 with low light, Lambretta dated 1953, Guzzi Galletto, and Lancia Ardea are beautifully displayed today. Furthermore the Court is the protective guardian of the collection of liqueur from the 1940's to today and boasts over a thousand labels that represent the history of Italian liqueur. Magazines from the time, forgotten customs, clothing related to the region, and glimpses of daily life enrich the Court's exhibition. Today the owner is proud of his creation, which is praised by the most recognized critics. They hail its distinctiveness in the most famous Italian magazines, culinary guides and newspapers. Franco Donati is the lighthouse of the Court, always present for those who know him and who want to discuss or reminisce over life stories or old jokes. Franco Donati, in a way, is the soul of the Court.
Giovanna Bertini
The Cook
Our Cook has cooking in her heart. She loves it so much it has become her main purpose in life. She loves her job and she conveys it in her cooking. With refined culinary techniques, she has had many years of experience before moving to the service of the Court. Being a diligent and effective cook, she always looks for perfection. Frequent compliments from guests instill her work with even more passion. Being the daughter of a prominent butcher, she grew up around the best ingredients. After a period of professional departure, she returned to the kitchen to play a primary role. She is the Court's sfoglina, a pasta artisan that rolls her dough by hand. When she was a child she sat on her knees on a chair and watched her grandmother make dough. Then she began to learn. Today she pulls dough with a rolling pin and makes her own whole egg pasta. Tortellini, pasta closed by her little finger and served in broth, is the main attraction of the Court. The Cook is also very good at making cakes that show her imagination and ingenuity. 10 votes and praise!
Stefano Severi
Stefano Severi is a born waiter. Customers appreciate him because he is accommodating, professional and competent. It is difficult to find a person like him. Friends and family say that even in kindergarten he had already discovered what would later become his profession. After having finished his studies under the guidance of his older brother, he serves in an important local restaurant not far from the Court. Many guests of the Court who have known Stefano for long time comment that he is genuinely "homegrown." They appreciate his dedication and professionalism. Everybody anticipates his excellent service. It is a pleasure to see him work the tables. Affable, friendly, and qualified, Stefano is very hospitable to all the guests. But he is especially overwhelmed by beautiful girls. Stefano indeed has no rivals because he is number one!
Ekaterina Gonchar
A promoter goes to the Court for the first time for a dinner with some guests. She falls in love with the Tuscan charm and friendliness that the Court radiates. Her visits become more and more frequent until she decides to present herself to the Court by discussing her life and her professional activities around the world. Coming to Tuscany years ago was not a random choice, as she knows many places around the world. Believing Tuscany is the world's greatest paradise, she decided to live here as a resident, not as a guest. Ekaterina lives and breathes Tuscany in Casentino. She settled in this small town at the foot of Pratomagno, four houses or so, for its contact with nature. After learning of Ekaterina's work as a graphic designer and artistic director for a very important weekly magazine, Franco Donati saw the need to enhance the appearance of the Court with Ekaterina's expertise. So the adventure begins. Ekaterina immediately goes to work: her ideas, beautiful photographs, charming graphics, and Instagram and Facebook posts define perfection. Nothing is a random choice. The Court is her canvas. Today Ekaterina is full member of «La Corte dell'Oca».
Patrizia Ronconi
Aiuto cuoco
Tutta l'esperienza di una vita ai fornelli della cucina toscana di eccellenza. 30 anni molti dei quali in un ristorante che ha scritto la storia dellla ristorazione aretina. 30 anni di cucina non sono pochi per conoscere tutto quanto c'è da sapere sull'uso delle pentole, dei tegami e delle padelle. Non viene da una scuola alberghiera ma viene come dice lei «dalla gavetta». Impara l'arte e mettila da parte, questo è stato da sempre il suo motto e l'arte l'ha imparata lavorando a fianco di cuochi importanti diventati famosi.
Con la sua modestia si è messa al servizio dei cuochi della Corte svelando di tanto in tanto i segreti del buon cucinare toscano verace. I cuochi apprezzano questo suo modo di fare un pò mammone ed il suo rispolverare ricette autentiche di casa incuriosisce tutti. Bravissima nel cucinare dolci ne sforna quotidianamente in quantità anche per imbandire il buffet delle colazioni mattutine di chi alloggia alla Corte. Fabrizia non ha presentato curriculum per lavorare alla Corte. Due parole sono bastate per capire tutto di Lei e per darle il lasciapassare ed il «benvenuto tra noi».
Ramona Broscoi Azoitei Florina
Cameriera di sala approda alla Corte dopo una esperienza maturata in altro ristorante titolato toscano. Questo le ha fatto acquisire grande professionalità. Molto solare e di bella presenza accoglie i clienti sempre con il sorriso perchè questa è una dote innata in lei. Ha perfetta conoscenza dei piatti che vengono proposti alla carta e di questi conosce la sua preparazione nei particolari alla stregua dei suoi colleghi di cucina perchè spesso i clienti vogliono sapere di questa cucina tipica di territorio che viene proposta. In sala, dice lei, non ci si improvvisa perchè gli ospiti sono sempre più esigenti e vanno coccolati e serviti con attenzione. Instancabile si muove tra i tavoli con competenza e professionalità.