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La Corte dell'Oca

is a renowned 3 star hotel | restaurant
«You can taste the traditional Tuscan cuisine in the classic house kitchen and enjoy a restful night cuddled up in your grandmother's wrought iron bed»
«La Corte dell'Oca» («The Court of the Goose») Hotel and Restaurant, surrounded by the Tuscan hills at the foot of Casentino Valley where the river Arno flows, sits inside the Old Main Village of Subbiano in the province of Arezzo in central Italy. Covered with vines and olive trees and surrounded by country houses, medieval villages, and Romanesque churches, «La Corte dell'Oca» celebrates a regional history, lifestyle and cuisine of the glorious past and present. You can walk from the Old Main Village along a walkway on the ground floor of the 19th-century palace to Via Roma 33, Subbiano. You can also come by car from Viale Europa 16. «La Corte dell'Oca» offers guests not only the opportunity to enjoy the culinary history of the area but also to enjoy sweet moments of everyday local life.

Traditional dishes from the Tuscan kitchen of the 1950's
Rooms are furnished with wrought iron beds in style of the 1950's